03rd Apr2017

‘Legion 1×08’ Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Aubrey Plaza, Jean Smart, Mackenzie Gray, Scott Lawrence, Katie Aselton, Tatyana Forrest, Jeremie Harris, Bill Irwin, Amber Midthunder | Created by Noah Hawley


With the way last week’s Legion ended, there was a feeling that this finale couldn’t live up to what we’d already seen. Thankfully, we can trust Legion to deliver where it matters, and that includes a hint of what is to come in season 2.

With Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) now restrained within David’s (Dan Stevens) head, the next big problem is the return of Division 3 and Clark (Hamish Linklater), the interrogator from the first episode. Hardly in a position of power, will he be forced to work with David to handle the danger held within his mind?

It isn’t a surprise really that David handles Division 3 so easy, but what is interesting is that we get to see some of the back story of Clark. It humanises him somewhat and gives a reason for his hostility towards David, in fact he fears what he believes David to be. Though he is still willing to listen to him (with the belief that backup is on the way).

What this episode is really about though is Lenny (which I shall still call the Devil with the Yellow Eyes, so as not to post spoilers) and how she will be dealt with. It seems the solution to this is quite fitting, creating a very interesting nemesis for the second season. It also means that we get to see more of Jemaine Clement’s Oliver Bird who along with Plaza is one of the highlights of the show so far.

The end of the episode (and the end of credit sting which must be seen) offer a very interesting future for Legion. A cliff-hanger that shouldn’t annoy anybody, it raises some interesting questions as to who has taken notice of David and his powers and has sprung into action. There is mention of ‘The Equinox’, could that be what appeared? Whatever it was, it seems that Lenny and her new host are not the only problems that David will be having in the future.

What this episode of Legion also does well is to cement the relationship of David and Syd (Rachel Keller) together even more. The fact that she’ll do anything to save David is of course the flaw that leads to the events at the end of the episode. While it is awesome to see, it is also probably the most formulaic moment we’ve seen in the show so far. A selfish move that puts everybody in danger, it does seem that common sense has been forgotten about. I guess love does that to people huh?

While this may not have been the best episode of Legion, it is still at a higher quality than most shows we see. The intricate nature of the plot and how Lenny manages to escape is something I’m sure every Legion fan hoped for. Now to hope that Plaza and Clements still play a big part in the show, as their scene stealing performances are what help make the show so special for the audience.

The first season of Legion as a whole has been a very good start to a show that has plenty of promise for Marvel fans. While the Netflix shows follow a strict formula, and are quite similar in style, Legion brings something new and refreshing. Now all we can hope for is that season 2 continues in this way, and doesn’t get lose that spark that keeps it so special.

***** 5/5

Legion can be seen in the UK every Thursday on Fox at 9pm.

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