03rd Apr2017

‘Alien and Predator Figurine Collection: Corporal Hicks’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


Taking our weekly look at the Alien and Predator Figurine Collection, today we have another marine. Last week we featured Hudson, who of course had the famous “Game Over Man!”, and it only seems that this week we move to the Corporal Hicks figure. While Hudson may have been all mouth (and action when it mattered), Hicks is all action and somewhat of a classical American hero.

Played by Michael Biehn, most film fans will of course know him as Kyle Reese in The Terminator. In Aliens of course, he is the marine that has to step up and take command as the Xenomorph pick off the rest of his group. He is also the one of course to give Ripley the run through of how the pulse rifle works, for when she needs it later in the movie.

Looking at the model, this pose takes place before we actually meet the Xenomorph for the first time in Aliens. With the marines searching for the missing civilians, they enter the hive and are first welcomed with the opened eggs, and the facehuggers. Picking up one of the dead facehuggers with his shotgun, it is interesting to remember that she shouldn’t have been using the shotgun at that time, but of course he goes against orders and uses it. Lucky for the other marines that he did use it though as it does save a few lives.

Similar to Hudson there are nice little touches to this Corporal Hicks model, including of course the shotgun. The pile of dead facehuggers by his feet is also a nice touch, though it would have been interesting to maybe have an open egg there too.

While the Corporal Hicks model may not be as intricately designed as the Xenomorph is, it is still nice to see another marine added to the list of characters. If I was to have the perfect list of others to add, I would expect to see Ripley of course, Bishop, and Vasquez. While it would be nice to see all the marines, these of course are the most iconic characters from Aliens.

What we do have to remember of course is the fact that the Alien and Predator Figurine Collection spans many movies, so as awesome as Aliens may be, it can’t take up all of the collection. In the coming weeks for example I will be looking at Dallas from the first film, as well as another Xenomorph. You’ll have to wait until I’ve reviewed them to see my thoughts on these.

Looking at the quality of the Alien and Predator Figurine Collection, for the price they are set at they are nice models that celebrate the world of the Predator and Xenomorph well in fitting style. The detail of the designs are nice, but I will say that the Aliens do get the better treatment, but this is to be expected based on the H.R. Giger designs. For fans of the Alien and Predator movies, these are well worth buying.

**** 4/5

The Alien and Predator Figurine Collection is available from the official website for the collection. For US customers the figurines cost $9.95, with the UK paying £9.99. Postage and packing is free.

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