28th Feb2017

London IFF ’17: ‘Bad Frank’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Kevin Interdonato, Amanda Clayton, Tom Sizemore, Brian O’Halloran, Brandon Heitkamp, Russ Russo, Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini, Lynn Mancinelli, Paola Grande | Written and Directed by Tony Germinario


I love it when a movie can come completely out of nowhere and surprise this humble reviewer. Bad Frank is exactly that, a movie that on paper looks and sounds like most other kidnap/revenge thrillers you may have seen over the years. But let me tell you that Bad Frank is FAR from some of the copy and paste garbage out there.

I was instantly drawn to this flick after stumbling upon its Twitter page and hey full disclosure I saw Tom Sizemore and Brian O’Halloran and thought ‘Okay, Im in’. Little did I know that I was about to watch a somewhat by the numbers movie that takes all of the numbers and turns them on there head with a great, tightly written script and one hell of a powerhouse performance from lead Kevin Interdonato.

Bad Frank is about a man named… Frank. Frank (Kevin Interdonato) is a seemingly normal guy living a seemingly normal existence. He seems to have it all, but you can tell right from the outset that the man has got some demons. We learn that he is on some serious medication to deal with his headaches from a life of regrets. He is estranged from both his mum and dad and struggling to keep his marriage together. Frank is pulled into an easy money job by his buddy Travis (Brandon Heitkamp) who is in deep to Donny Shakes (O’Halloran). What is promised to be a quick job brings Frank face to face with an old acquaintance he would rather forget. Things really go sideways on the job and in turn his life, when Franks wife Gina (Amanda Clayton) is kidnapped by face from the past Mickey Duro (Sizemore). I am gonna stop plot wise now because anymore and I am giving too much away.

Anthony Germinario has pulled an absolute stormer out of the bag for his debut feature, a fact that was completely lost on me upon viewing. For a budget of roughly $80k he has used all tricks at his disposal to make it look like a multi million dollar flick and Bad Frank is all the more impressive for it. A lot of the time a the script to a movie like this can get lost in its own simplicity but Tony wrote a script that really didnt conform to what I was expecting and gave the lead a chance to deliver. So, lets just talk about the lead, Kevin Interdonato brings an absolute realism and intensity to this role that sucks you right in and leaves you kinda second guessing yourself, anything could happen with this guy at any moment and that to me is scary. I went from feeling sorry for this guy to thinking well he deserved everything and ending up thinking ‘SHIT’.

Tom Sizemore is in fine form as Sizemore always is. An actor that I personally love and wish got more of the beefier roles but it was great to see him on screen and like I say, seeing his name splashed on the poster was one of the reasons I sought this one out. Then there’s Brian O’Halloran doing his thing as he does (always liked this dude since his Clerks days nice to see him spreading his wings).

It is easy to see how Tony and his crew took Bad Frank to Film Fest International in London last week and was not only nominated for 5 awards but Tony himself won Best Director.

Bad Frank is not what you expect going in, there are some pretty cool curve-balls, and the film moves along at a quick enough pace and – no spoilers – but the final 10 minutes are a tour-de-force. Performance-wise you are getting more bang for you buck in what the director himself considers to be an “as indie as it gets” movie (not that you can tell mind you).

Keep and eye out for Bad Frank which will be getting its release in June of 2017.


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