27th Feb2017

‘Legion 1×03’ Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Aubrey Plaza, Jean Smart, Mackenzie Gray, Scott Lawrence, Katie Aselton, Tatyana Forrest, Jeremie Harris, Bill Irwin, Amber Midthunder | Created by Noah Hawley


Watching each new episode of Legion is now officially the highlight of the week. Now that we are into the third episode we understand the characters and what they represent, but what happens when we get deeper into David’s (Dan Stevens) thoughts? Prepare for some dark times and sinister characters.

With David’s sister in danger, time is running out for him to understand his powers. Pushing deeper into his psyche, it seems that some things in his mind do not welcome the invasion and are prepared to fight back.

Having already pointed out that this is a more persona type of superhero show where it focuses on the character more than any grandiose events, this episode cements that fact in stone. Pushing deeper into David’s mind makes this an internal investigation looking at just what his powers are and what the voices in his head represent. With Syd’s (Rachel Keller) inclusion into his mind this time, it is interesting that her bond with David is expanded on as she sees things that he does, where some do not. This includes Dr. Bird (Jean Smart) who may be powerful, but doesn’t see some of the darker apparitions within David’s memories.

It will be interesting to hear more about Dr. Bird’s life as we see the show expand into that. The revelation about her husband in this episode makes certain scenes have more emotional impact. The first time we see these scenes it seems slightly strange, but with the revelation it actually makes the scene quite beautifully put together.

David’s mind is a dark place, and that isn’t just down to the devil with the yellow eyes. We also see that Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) has a bad side while inside David’s mind, though she is still working for David’s own good. His focus of course is to try to save his sister, and we see her spur him into action, which also reveals a new power which is quite awesome to witness.

What is of note is the way that Syd is becoming more and more important to David. The love they have for each other is sweet, but she also intensifies David’s power and gives it focus. Obviously as the show goes on we’ll see more of this, and it seems that Syd’s time as David has left an impression on both him and her.

Looking at the situation that David’s sister is in, we also get to see The Eye (Mackenzie Gray) and learn about his connection with Dr. Bird, we even hear his real name. We’ve not seen his full powers yet, but that he enjoys giving pain to others teases that he could be the nemesis for David. The fact that he senses David and Syd in an important scene hints at his dangerous potential.

Horror fans will love this episode of Legion, especially because of the Angry Boy who makes an appearance this week. Looks like he’s not only a character in the book but also stalks David’s mind. A real danger, there is a creepiness to the scenes within David’s mind and trying to force into it isn’t a good idea.

The more we learn of David, the better the show is becoming. I’m not sure we’ll fully understand just how powerful he is, but that untapped potential is what will give the show some longevity. Episode 3 manages to keep to the high standard from the previous two episodes, and if anything raises the bar even higher. If you’ve loved Legion so far, this episode will blow you away.

***** 5/5

Legion can be seen in the UK every Thursday on Fox at 9pm

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