15th Feb2017

Vegas Baby – Entourage’s Best Episode

by James Smith


There have been many television shows over the years that portray gambling and provide viewers with an amazing way to experience the thrills of playing casino games. The famous Entourage episode, titled Vegas Baby, is one of those great shows that will take viewers right into the excitement of Sin City. This exciting episode has plenty of fun, lots of laughs and tons of money being blown at the casino… namely by Ari! Vegas Baby has the characters outside of their normal element, but it is an episode that topped the charts.

The Vegas Baby episode is a typical episode that one would expect from Entourage, but it is one also that is steeped in laughs and entertainment. Most obviously in the setting of the ‘Drama’ and Ken escapade…

The Unique Drama and Ken Scene

As the Entourage characters pay a visit to Vegas in Vegas Baby, viewers will be shocked to see the Johnny Drama and Ken scene, where Drama finds Ken, his masseuse, in bed stating he has never looked at a man in a sexual way. However, seeing as they are in Vegas, where everything goes, Ken makes his interests known. Throughout the day, Drama dropped flattering comments about Ken, and his devoted masseuse now feels it is time to repay Drama for his kind words.

The scene is not long, but is the highlight of the episode. As this event takes place, other characters are enjoying the thrills of roulette in the casino and some are taking part in a voting session on a strip contest. This episode of Entourage is quite the surprise and is one that is typical of the Entourage storyline. Featuring the excitement and secrets of Vegas, the episode is one that portray not only the gambling aspect of the city, but the sexual appeal as well.

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