09th Feb2017

‘The Assignment #1 and #2’ Review

by Kevin Haldon


The Assignment #1

Written by Walter Hill, Matz | Art by Jef | Published by Titan Comics

Hitman Frank Kitchen’s assignment to kill a celebrated fashion designer who’s fallen behind on his debts takes a turn when his victim’s sister, a sociopathic surgeon, decides to punish him in the unique way only she can. Abducted and operated on against his will, Frank awakens in an altered condition – but with a hitman’s hunger for revenge…

The Assignment #2

Written by Walter Hill, Matz | Art by Jef | Published by Titan Comics

Former hitman, Frank Kitchen battles liqour, lecherous glances and his own inner demons, while coming to terms with his new identity. But after finding solace in the arms of a former lover,  it isn’t long before his violent past comes back to haunt him…

I would like to believe that everyone reading this review will already know who the great Walter Hill is, but in the interest of keeping everyone up to speed let me just tell you anyway. Walter Hill is the director and producer of many great movies that you know and love. Director of The Warriors (one of my absolute favorites), 48 hrs, Brewsters Millions and also producer on every Alien movie to date. However what I did not know, until seeing reviews of Triggerman here on Nerdly, was that he has also been lending his hand to the comic book writing too.

Dean has already covered Hill’s other comic book, so I thought – with issue two being released recently – why not review the first two The Assignment books in one go… I’m glad I did. I could not put this comic down, by the time you get to three quarters of the way through the first issue you are already hooked. Then the twist throws you for a whacking great loop!

Frank Kitchen is a bloody good hitman, one of the best you might say. Killing with very little remorse, picking up the fee and struggling to make any kind of emotional connection on any level. Pretty standard so far. We find him towards the end of the first book having been captured by an unknown surgeon who has changed Frank forever. In the second book Frank is really struggling to come to terms with what has been done to him and hits the bottle, followed by the gutter. Eventually pulling himself together long enough to re-connect with an old friend and rediscovering his lust for vengeful killing.

I’m not gonna do spoilers because this book needs to be read to be believed and let me tell you good reader, this one is worth the price of admission! Hill has done a fantastic job with this Neo-Noir style tale and artist Matz has done the story an absolute service by making it pop. The art is gorgeous and striking putting me in mind of films like Nikita. Story wise you feel this tale was written for Walter Hill to direct (which funnily enough he is currently doing). The characters of Frank and the Doctor are so well thought out and driven that it makes for a way above par meeting of the minds.

There is also a fascinating interview in either issue with the writer and artist, telling us how this project came about. I recommend you also give that a read. So yes as I mentioned Hill is making The Assignment into a movie, a trailer for which was recently released. I will post below but I will also warn you that it contains spoilers for the comic book. Please don’t get angry when I have warned you…

The Assignment #1 and #2 are out now from Titan Comics.


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