08th Feb2017

Watch Now: Two deleted scenes from ‘Doctor Strange’

by Phil Wheat

To celebrate the home entertainment release of Doctor Strange, Marvel and Disney have released two deleted scenes online. The first scene features Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) and his zealots, and the second sees Kaecilius murdering a priest. Check them both out below…

Marvel’s Doctor Strange follows the story of the talented neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who, after a tragic car accident, must put ego aside and learn the secrets of a hidden world of mysticism and alternate dimensions. Based in New York City’s Greenwich Village, Doctor Strange must act as an intermediary between the real world and what lies beyond, utilizing a vast array of metaphysical abilities and artifacts to protect the Marvel cinematic universe.

Doctor Strange will be release on DVD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray in the UK on March 6th.



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