01st Feb2017

Trailer & Poster for new exorcism horror ‘Holy Terror’

by Phil Wheat

What do you get when you take a bevy of actresses from 80s sex comedies, the villain from Game of Death & Black Belt Jones, and some of the cast & crew of Samurai Cop 2? You get the brand-new exorcism movie Holy Terror – which is urrently in post production via Cineridge Entertainment.

Believing the strange disturbances in their home are their deceased son reaching out from the other side, Molly (Reiter) and Tom (Hlubik) ask a medium (London) to make contact. But instead of their child, the three accidentally invite a vengeful demon to cross over. After the demon violently possesses Molly’s younger sister (Olson), the couple enlists the help of a disgraced priest (Butler) and his mentor Sister Catherine (DeBell) to attempt a dangerous exorcism.

Holy Terror comes from writer/director Rich Mallery (Sociopathia) and is executive-produced by Gregory Hatanaka (who helmed Samurai Cop 2 from a script co-written by Mallery) and stars Meatballs’ Kristine DeBell, Game of Death’s Mel Novak, Lisa London (H.O.T.S., Private Resort), Kelly Reiter (The Z Virus), Jesse Hlubik (May, All Cheerleaders Die), Nicole Olson, Scott Butler and Vida Ghaffari (The Mindy Project, Jimmy Kimmel Live).

Says Mallery:

There has been a resurgence of exorcism/possession-type movies, so it’s a little challenging to give audiences something they haven’t seen before. But we have a few tricks up our sleeve that are going to make Holy Terror stand apart from the crowd. Plus, we’re going for a real late-’70s/early-’80s feel. Films like The Changeling, The Amityville Horror and of course the original Exorcist are huge influences on this project.

Adds Hatanaka:

As Rich and I are both rabid fans of 70s AIP and New World horror pics, it was only a matter of time before we teamed up to do a film in that tradition. Holy Terror works on deep psychological levels, and has an otherworldly, Twilight Zone-ish kind of feel.

Holy Terror will be premiering this April on Amazon Prime. Check out the trailer and poster below:



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