27th Jan2017

Details & artwork for Screenbound’s first 6 Euro-horror releases

by Phil Wheat

UK distributor Screenbound are set to take the plunge into the sleazy world of Euro-horror with not one but TWO new labels dedicated to the genre(s). Launching in March, Black House looks to cover the more horrific side of European cinema, whilst – at least based on their first releases – Maison Rouge offers up a little more sleaze…

Official announcement:

A selection of World Horror and Erotica Cult classics get the Screenbound touch! Throughout [the] year we will be releasing a host of films directed by horror and erotica industry legends, such as Jess Franco and Patrice Rhomm. Watch out for the new labels “Black House” and “Maison Rouge”, labels dedicated to these fantastic releases. The first DVD is set to be released… in March.

The first releases from these two new sub-labals are Jean Rollin’s Zombie Lake, on the Black House label, which streets on March 20th; and the Maison Rouge label launches with Jess Franco’s Bare-Breasted Countess on March 6th.

Check out the FANTASTIC cover art, and release dates for the first SIX releases from Screenbound, below:

  • MARCH 6th: Bare-Breasted Countress (Maison Rouge)
  • MARCH 13th: Helga, She-Wolf of Stilberg (Maison Rouge)
  • MARCH 20th: Zombie Lake (Black House)
  • APRIL 17th: Oasis of the Living Dead (Black House)
  • APRIL 17th: Crimson (Black House)
  • APRIL 17th: Elsa Fraulein SS (Maison Rouge)










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