05th Jan2017

‘Bornless Ones’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Margaret Judson, Devin Goodsell, Michael Johnston, Mark Furze, Bobby T, David Banks, Victoria Clare, Gwen Holloway, Nick Saso, Rob Tepper, Lana Titov, Greg Travis | Written and Directed by Alexander Babaev


Take four outrageously good looking guys and gals, a fifth guy with some sort of life challenging disease… Move them into a new out of the way house with a secret history, not to far from an institution; have them desecrate and destroy what look to be supernatural symbols boarding up the windows and you have Bornless Ones. Oh and there’s also scary possession, craziness and a fair bit of really well done gore. Seriously well done gore!

Now that’s not to say that Bornless Ones lacks originality in any way because it really does not. Ok, we may have seen the creepy house in the middle of nowhere that scares the crap out of its occupants before, but can we really ever get too much of that? The difference I found was that this is in many ways a spiritual cousin to movies like Evil Dead and in many ways actually betters what has come before in its genre. One of those ways is the performance our cast put in.

Emily (Margaret Judson – The Newsroom) has decided that she cant look after her Cerebal Palsy suffering brother Zach (Michael Johnston – MTV’s Teen Wolf) anymore, she is going to move him to an institution. However fearing he is going to be too far away from her, Emily and her boyfriend Jesse (Devin Goodsell) buy a house nearby, the house has a past. Emily and Jesse are accompanied by there friends Woodrow (Mark Furze – Home and Away, Underbelly) and Michelle (Bobby T) to help them move in. That’s when the movie cranks it up to 11 and everything goes nuts, as our core characters are taken hold of by a paranormal force one by one and must fight for survival.

My horror kick has absolutely continued into 2017 and Bornless Ones was a fantastic place to start. Its a hell of a lot more “Evil Dead” than the Evil Dead remake (which I was not a fan of) and this movie really had me in from the start. It does help that it wastes no time at all, no sooner had they all moved in and the shenanigans began.

Alexander Babaev has done a great job on directing and writing with this movie and while it does fall into the bracket of indie horror, it deserves to be seen by a wider audience. The acting from our core cast is better than you might expect, infact they all smash it out of the park – especially once possession has taken hold : then the performances are creepy as shit and utterly compelling.

Bornless Ones is definitely worth a watch if you are a fan of this genre, it is a lot better than most of the possession movies coming out these days. Give it a try…

Bornless Ones is released in the US, in cinemas and on VOD, on February 10th


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