16th Dec2016

Three Mobile Games to Play in 2017

by Kat Wheat

The forever fast paced world of mobile phone technology allows us to indulge in our ultimate gaming fantasies literally anywhere with some of the best games on offer on the Apple App Store. Nowadays you can do pretty much anything on your phone from booking a holiday to ordering food or doing your taxes, and gaming is growing at a rate of knots.

At the beginning of the year a study by audit giant Deloitte, predicted that mobile will become the leading games platform by software revenue, predicting to rise by 20% on 2015 to $35 billion generated revenue. If correct, the numbers are staggering, but with the ease, speed and cost effectiveness of the mobile games market, you can see why.

Three Games to Play in 2017


Big Business Deluxe

If creating your own city empire is your thing, then this game is perfect for you. Set in a modern environment you take charge of growing your own city through the production of amenities. Building farms, Chemical plants, Bus terminals the possibilities are virtually endless. Played in real time making the game easy to dip in and out of without taking over your life, but equally giving you the satisfaction of shaping your own metropolis super power.

The added addition of online events gives the game a social feel and allows a friendship scheme which enables quicker progression through the game. Big Business Deluxe has up to date modern graphics and has regular updates giving the game a smooth professional feel rather than the cartoony graphics of a lot of other City building games.

The game is free and all the amenities can be unlocked without spending a penny but can be painstakingly slow with up to twelve hours for some production of goods, but don’t let that stop you from indulging in your city empire fantasises.


Animal Crossing

With an anticipated launch of Spring 2017, Nintendo are taking their successful simulation Animal Crossing to iOS. The gist of the game is you are a human living in a village inhabited by anthropomorphic animals and it is your duty to carry out various tasks including fishing, Bug chasing and fossil hunting amongst plenty of others. Similar to Big Business Deluxe, the game is designed to simulate real time using the phones internal clock and calendar.

A total of four Animal Crossing games have been released worldwide across Nintendo’s GameCube, DS, Wii and 3DS selling over 27 million copies in the process making the transition too mobile eagerly anticipated.



Limbo is an atmospheric story of a boy as he wanders through an urban-industrial jungle. You take control of the boy as he wakes in the middle of a forest on ‘the edge of hell’ whilst he is seeking his missing sister. Set in a 2-dimensional world the controls are fairly basic but the grey-scale back drop and eerie ambient sounds make the game a tense affair. The story will have you confused but the beautiful developed environment will endeavour you to see Limbo through the game. The developers call Limbo a ‘trial and death’ game with numerous puzzles and traps set along the way leading you too often restarting at the previous check point.


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