08th Dec2016

‘Dolemite’ Blu-ray Review

by Mondo Squallido

Stars: Rudy Ray Moore, D’Urville Martin, Lady Reed, John Kerry, Hy Pyke, Vainus Rackstraw, West Gale | Written by Jerry Jones | Directed by D’Urville Martin


Dolemite (Rudy Ray Moore, The Human Tornado) has spent a couple of years behind bars after being set up by rival pimp Willie Green ( D’Urville Martin, Black Caeser). His luck changes when his madam Queen Bee (Lady Reed, Disco Godfather) pays the prison warden a visit providing evidence of Dolemite’s innocence. With the warden now rightfully suspecting that Green and a few crooked cops including the hot-headed Mitchell (John Kerry, Black Dynamite) are behind Dolemite’s imprisonment, he organises an early release so that Dolemite can clear his name. Unfortunately however, it’s not all good news as Green is also responsible for killing Dolemite’s young nephew. With revenge well and truly on his mind, Dolemite instantly (well, after some back seat limo action at least.) puts a plan in to action. No matter if it’s a brother or a no-business, born insecure, honky junkyard motherfucker, Dolemite is kicking ass and taking names. It won’t all be plain sailing though because the word is out and both Green’s men, the slimy Mayor Daley (Hy Pyke, Blade Runner) and crooked cops alike all have Dolemite in their sights!

Where in the name of all things funky do you start with a film like Dolemite!? Well, probably it’s reputation and cult status. From inspiring the likes of Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction) and Snoop Dogg, to being played at drunken bad movie nights; Dolemite is a film that every cult film fan should have at least heard of. There’s the infamous crude overall filmmaking techniques (BOOM IN THE SHOT!) and the even more infamous and crude dialogue spat out with comedic precision from Rudy Ray Moore. If this film is to be summed up in one word, that word has to be politically-incorrect. In this age of Social Justice Warrior culture and collectivism, there is no way in hell that you’d be able to make this film nowadays. There’s more racial tension here than a Black Lives Matter Tumblr thread! If that stuff isn’t your thing, maybe you can revel in the sheer mastery that is the martial arts on show. You haven’t seen anything so gloriously amateruish in your rat-soup-eatin’ life! Of course, it’s not just the boys having fun, there’s plenty of hard hitting action from Dolemite‘s army of Karate Kickin’ ladies. This film has it all! If you want a truly psychotronic experience that actually lives up to the reputation, you shoul stop reading this and go buy yourself a copy now, but I’m not finished yet. You dig?

Dolemite is all about cheap thrills and one of those thrills is the way the film was made. Clumsily staged shots thanks to Nicholas Josef von Sternberg (Tourist Trap) are complimented brilliantly by sub-par acting. Even the boom mike puts in a memorable performance! Although a cheap looking film, there is genuine style with great set design by Rudy Ray Moore himself and wonderfully loud fashion. As well as that, there’s a genuinely brilliant score and original music from Arthur Wright (Savage!) that not only elevates the film, but will have you clicking your fingers and tapping your toes. This blaxploitation gem has all the style your pathetic honky ass can handle. Dolemite is about the experience. Sure, you can invite your friends round have a good timke laughing at the film, but when you take in to consideration the time and effort put in, you can’t be help appreciate this shoddy little number. Rudy Ray Moore was destined to be a star and this film put him well and truly on the map and in to the hearts of cult films. This is one groovy little number you don’t want to miss!

Although the film was somewhat widely available prior to this release, Vinegar Syndrome have put together the definitive edition. The film is presented and restored in 2k and considering it’s crude elements, looks and sounds fantastic. To go along with that you also get the option to watch the alternate full frame “boom mic” version of the film which should provide an extra bit of entertainment to you trash conniseurs! In terms of extras there is a wonderfully in-depth and entertaining commentary track provided by Rudy Ray Moore bigorapher, Mark Jason Murray, an equally insightful and entertaining documentary about Rudy Ray Moore and the film, an extented interview from Queen Bee, trailers for both the film and its sequel The Human Tornado, a short then and now location featurette and the reversible artwork consisting of the original poster and newly commisioned art from Jay Shaw. As you can see, this baby got back! This is a must-own release for both hardcore fans and newcomers a like. Vinegar Syndrome have once again done a wonderful job. Do yourselves a favour and find out why Dolemite is his name and why effin’ up mother’effers is his game!

Dolemite is available as a DVD & Blu-Ray combo from Vinegar Syndrome.


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