26th Apr2016

2016 Tribeca Film Festival: ‘Youth in Oregon’

by Catherina Gioino

What happens when your father decides that it’s time to end it all, that he’s tired of causing you and your family so much grief and pain, that he himself is tired of suffering and just wants, well, to die?

The implications of Youth in Oregon is far greater than what’s seen on screen.

Written by first time writer Andrew Eisen, the film brings us on a poignantly sadistic journey as we see Raymond Engersol (played by Frank Langella) suffering from some unknown illness as he tries to convince his daughter Kate Gleason (Christina Applegate) and son-in-law Brian (Billy Crudup) that they should let him commit assisted suicide, or euthanasia, in Oregon.

Well that’s a mouthful. While director Joel David Moore has been acting since the late ’90s and has racked up an impressive resume of films and series, this is his second directorial feature, but it’s hard to tell. Among Langella, Applegate, and Crudup, Moore also directs Josh Lucas as Kate’s brother Danny, Mary Kay Place as Raymond’s wife Estelle, and Nicola Peltz as Annie, Kate’s and Brian’s daughter.

Among the already talented and emotion-grabbing cast, the visuals were amazing, especially due to the locations chosen in the film. Anything from filming on the highway to seeing a cabin, the film’s aesthetic is likened to Life of Pi meets the average road movie.

Check out our interviews with the cast and director below, and be sure to catch the film, in theaters now.

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