11th Apr2016

Nerd Buy: ‘Ghostbusters’ PopTaters

by Phil Wheat

Coming to stores everywhere in June, check out these two Mr Potato Head Ghostbusters PopTaters:

Who you gonna call? Mr. Potato Head suits up and joins everyone’s favorite para-psychologists; the Ghostbusters! This detailed PopTater stands 6″ tall and includes equipment used by the Ghostbusters: the classic Jump Suit, Proton Pack, ECTO Goggles and more! And each component is removable and interchangeable.


Now that’s one sweet Potato. Introducing Mr. Potato Head as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man! This inspired figure stands over 6″ tall and includes a variety of interchangeable components. This hilarious PopTater is a must-have for fans of Ghostbusters, Mr. Potato Head, and Marshmallows!



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