10th Feb2016

‘Deadpool 2’ incoming – to feature Cable *SPOILERS*

by Phil Wheat

This week has seen a flurry of online reports regarding Deadpool and the possibility of a sequel… So why not just go to the cinema to watch the first film? Where, in the SECOND post-credits sequence – not screened for critics but included with nationwide prints of the film – Deadpool himself reveals that there will be *SPOILERS* a Deadpool 2 and it will feature Cable.



The post-credits sequence screened for critics is a riff on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, with Deadpool stepping out from a room on to the landing of a house in a dressing gown identical to the one Matthew Broderick wore in the classic John Hughes film. A la Ferris, he walks up to the camera and asks what the audience is still doing here. He then goes on to poke fun at Marvel Studios stings, askng fans if they were expecting Samuel L. Jackson to turn up wearing an eye patch? Deadpool then walks back into the room. Fade to black…

And THAT is where the post-credits sequence ended at this weeks press-screening. However, at the midnight screening today/this morning the scene then faded back up and Deadpool stepped back out announcing Deadpool 2 and the fact it would feature Cable, “time travel, robot arm and all.”  The character even goes on to speculate who could play Deadpool’s “sidekick” (or is it the other way round?), even throwing – in irreverent fashion – Kiera Knightley into the mix!

Time to get excited methinks!


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