18th Jan2016

Titan reveal ‘Heroes: Godsend #2’ covers

by Phil Wheat

Following on from the announcement of Titan Comics all-new Heroes: Godsend series last month, here’s the two covers for Heroes: Godsend #2. Written by Heroes Reborn scriptwriter Joey Falco with art from Roy Allan Martinez (Immortal Iron Fist), issue #2 comes with covers from Allan Martinez and Feliz Ruiz (Halo: Fall of Reach, Wolverine MAX).

Farah’s work at Primatech brings her into a clash with HRG and the Haitian. Plus she has to undergo a secret mission into a prison to break-out an old face from the Heroes TV show! Plus, just what is Angela Petrelli up to..?



Writer: Joey Falco
Artist: Roy Allan Martinez
Cover A: Roy Allan Martinez – Preview Order Code FEB161800
Cover B: Photo – Preview Order Code FEB161801
Publisher: Titan Comics
Page Count : 32 PP
Price: £3.99
On Sale Date: April 6, 2016


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