18th Jan2016

2015’s Best Mobile Games

by Guest

Last year was an excellent year for mobile gamers, as we saw a whole host of new and exciting additions to the market. These games made things more fun and used brilliant features to bring the thrill to mobile.


If you were eagerly awaiting the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens then you may have found yourself twiddling your thumbs for most of the year. Kabam set these twiddling thumbs back to work with the fantastic Star Wars: Uprising game.


Another hot release last year was Fallout 4 on consoles and PC but to keep players full of anticipation they released a little mobile gem. Fallout Shelter was the result and this simulation game gets players to run a whole vault, ensuring that their little inhabitants have enough food, water and energy. As the vault expands they need more of these resources and more dwellers keep appearing at your door. This addictive game did come with micro transactions but they weren’t too intrusive and the game was still fun without spending.


Lara Croft Go made for an interesting puzzle distraction in 2015 and players seemed to love the departure from the usual Tomb Raider games. It’s only natural that these games must be scaled down in terms of graphics and this one did so in the best possible way. Instead of looking low res it took a stylistic choice to go down the path of minimalism and add in splashes of colour where needed.


Downwell took mobile gaming back to its roots last year as a pixilated game became the smash hit gamers were searching for. The sole objective of this game is to drift down to the bottom of the well while avoiding obstacles. Although this game didn’t excel in terms of 3D graphics, it had a charm and simplicity that many found captivating from the start.

A game that took bonsai into the virtual world was Prune, which has players helping their plants grow. This cathartic game allows players to trim away at the branches to ensure that their tree rose above the rest. It seems like a bizarre concept but this well-made game took the industry by surprise and became popular in its own right. The game starts as nothing more than a plant trimming exercise but quickly becomes much more challenging as obstacles and physics become involved.


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