08th Jan2016

Retro slasher ‘Lost After Dark’ gets a UK release

by Phil Wheat

Metrodome have announced that they are set to release the retro slasher Lost After Dark on DVD next month. Directed by Ian Kessner and starring Robert Patrick (T2, Scorpion, The X-Files), Sarah Fisher, Mark Weibe, Jesse Camacho and David Lipper, the film has been described as… “a fitting homage to the slasher flicks of the 1980’s, Lost After Dark draws heavily upon the roots of the genre to fulfil its premise.”

A group of stranded teens turn to an abandoned farmhouse for shelter from the elements but soon find a far greater danger lies inside. When one of the friends is brutally murdered, the group begin to fear they are being stalked by a vicious cannibalistic murderer. As the students are picked off one by one, a deadly game of survival begins that only the lucky ones will survive.

Lost After Dark is released on DVD in the UK on February 29th. Check out the awesome US artwork below, wonder if it will make the jump across the pond?



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