21st Dec2015

TriCoast announce UK debut of ‘Guns For Hire’

by Phil Wheat

Black comedy, kinky plots and twisted minds combine in Guns For Hire, a gun-toting action thriller starring Michele Hicks (The Shield, Mullholland Drive) as a part-time assassin, who falls for a suicidal and secretive femme fatale, (Ever Carradine), triggering a violent sequence of events.

Directed by Katherine Brooks (Confidential) and Donna Robinson (Dora: A Head Case) the film also stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Wife), Orlando Jones (The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea), Ben Mendelshon (Killing Me Softly), Sarah Shahi (The L Word, Person of Interest) and Raffaeloo Degruttola (Blood Moon).

Guns For Hire comes to the UK on DVD courtesy of TriCoast UK. It will be released on DVD in the US in the 1st quarter of 2016, courtesy of Sony.




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