12th Dec2015

‘Something at the Window is Scratching: Vol.1’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Written by Roman Dirge | Art by Roman Dirge | Published by Titan Comics | Format: Hardback, 128pp


Roman Dirge is probably best known as the author and artist of Lenore: The Cute Little Dead Girl, but Dirge has also turned his hand to other stories and other mediums, and Something at the Window is Scratching is an excellent example of his gruesome type of storytelling at work.

A collection of short poems, this collection of Dirge’s work is filled with twisted tales for children of all ages From serious sinister one page poems like Critter Pie and Pear Head Man & Bread Boy, to longer stories such as The Sideways Man and the brillaint titular story Something at the Window is Scratching.

Something at the Window is Scratching is Roman Dirge at his macabre best, each and every poem and story has a creepy sting in its tale, reminding me very much of the work of Roald Dahl – in fact this book is like reading a childrens version of Tales of the Unexpected. But don’t let the “children’s book” tag put you off, Dirge’s work is such that it translates to audiences of any age.

Particular highlights in the first volume include The Reindeer and the Bumblebee – a story of inter-species love; The Bunny Came Back – a story that mirrors Stephen King’s Pet Sematary; the short-sharp humour of Devil Bunny; Boodini and Choobie – a brief poem about a magician and the rabbit he uses in his act; and Eddie Poe – a poem about one man’s obsession with Pumpkins (oh, and he looks a lot like a young Edgar Allan Poe).

This re-release of Something at the Window is Scratching from Titan Comics features a digitally remastered and re-coloured collection of tales; and I don’t think I’ve seen Dirge’s work look any more bright, beautiful, inviting, and downright gruesome. Each and every pen stroke (and tiny bug – Dirge’s sketches often feature flies etc) is visible, highlighting evry minute detail Roman Dirge puts into his sublime artwork.

Something at the Window is Scratching is out now from Titan Comics. Order your copy below:


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