09th Dec2015

‘Owen Hart: Hart of Gold’ Blu-ray Review

by Paul Metcalf


If you are a WWE fan over a certain age you’ll find it hard to believe that there are wrestling fans out there who don’t know who Owen Hart was… A wrestler who died way before his time, this release may be controversial but it is also a fitting tribute to one of the best wrestlers ever to enter the WWE ring. WWE Owen Hart: Hart of Gold takes a look at this career.

If you were watching the Over the Edge in 1999 you’ll always remember when the show suddenly came to an abrupt stop. Then the announcement that Owen Hart had been involved in an accident when descending down into the ring as the Blue Blazer. The show did go on, but with an atmosphere that no fan would forget. This went into the next night with Raw where Superstars paid their respects to one of their own.

The documentary included in this release is a feature-length look at his life and we see not only his time as a wrestler but also his growing up. This includes his time in Stampede Wrestling, his first attempt to make it into WWE, WCW, and then his main career in WWE. For fans of Owen or just fans of WWE who remember his talent in the ring, this is a very well put together documentary. The fact that Bret Hart plays such a big part in it really makes it complete. If they hadn’t had Bret, then I doubt they would have made it. Now to get Owen into the Hall of Fame, but as we know it’s not WWE who are standing in the way of that happening.

When we get to the matches, this is where Owen Hart: Hart of Gold really stands out. From his matches with Brett Hart to some classics looking back at his early days this selection of matches show the wrestler at his best. The must see ones though are Owen vs. British Bulldog in the final of the European Championship Tournament Finals and the 10-Man Tag Team Match with The Hart Foundation vs. Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust and Legion of Doom. Anybody who remembers that match will remember the amazing atmosphere that event had.

On the Blu-ray extras as well as some added matches you also get the segments that were recorded by the WWE superstars for the Raw for the night after Owen’s death. Don’t be surprised if some of these bring a tear to your eye as they show the real people behind the wrestlers who were talking about their friend the night after his death.

Owen Hart: Hart of Gold feels like a release that was a long time coming and is a fitting celebration of Owen Hart. I did read some of the controversy behind the release and yes, I’m sure it could have been improved with the inclusion of some people. The fact is though even after all these years Owen Hart’s death is still felt by many and the wounds are still open. At least this release is respectful, and is quite simply a must-buy for fans of Owen Hart.

***** 5/5

WWE’s Owen Hart: Hart of Gold is available now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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