24th Nov2015

How to turn your home into a Smart Abode

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While still in its infancy the emergence of smart technology is growing at a rapid rate and it won’t be long before we see most houses being controlled entirely by smart devices and phone apps.

Most peoples are under the illusion that you have to earn an inordinate amount of money to turn their homes into smart abodes, however, as this technology starts to become more commonplace- it starts to become more accessible to the general public. So, do you want to turn your home into an awesome smart powered abode? Then the list below will give you all the best gadgets that you should be getting started with.

1. The Smart Phone


It may seem obvious but to run a smart system you will need to possess a smart phone in order to control it. If you already have a smart phone then you have taken the most important step and if you haven’t then it’s pretty vital that you go out and get yourself one.

2. Smart Door Locks


Finally the age has come where we no longer have to worry about lugging our house keys around with us all day. Smart door lock systems have finally come into play and they can be controlled using your phone or a fob. The best thing is that you can programme in spare keys for your family, friends and other loved ones to use when they come and visit.

Kevo Smart Lock and Okidokeys are two of the best smart lock systems on the market, and they will not just help you keep your house safe but also look cool while you do it.

3. Smart Home Network


Now this is the one thing that you really don’t want to miss out on. This incredible feature is the hub that will help you sync and use all your smart appliances from one single place. It will sync all your photos, movies, music and documents and then make them available on any device connected such as the TV, smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Some of these home networks are limited with regards to what they can and cannot connect to, but some of them, such as the QNAP TS-x51 Series NAS, are even able to connect to your home security cameras and allow you to watch what’s going on in your home from your different devices.

4. Smart Thermostat


This in probably one of the most common and popular smart devices found in homes throughout the world and they have revolutionised the way we use thermostats. This nifty little gadget will learn your habits and turns on and off based on whether it’s day or night or hot/cold. It also turns itself down to save energy when you are not at home and it can be controlled from a distance using your smartphone no matter where you are.

5. Smart Lights


Smart lights have motion sensors that can tell whether you are in the room or not and will automatically turn themselves off if they haven’t felt your presence in a while. It’s also great to be able to turn your lights on from your phone before you step through the door. These LED lights are also much better for the environment as they use a lot less power and they last many more years than conventional light bulbs.

6. Smart Entertainment Systems 


One of the coolest smart gadgets to have in your house in a smart entertainment system and it will allow you to link your TV, speakers, laptops and radios. You can turn on the song you want to hear from wherever you are in the house and you can pause the movie if you have to quickly run out.

The world is rapidly progressing towards a future where homes are controlled solely by smart devices and if you are looking to sell your house fast then getting a smart system in your home would be a wise investment.

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