18th Nov2015

7 Great Things about the new iPad Pro

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At long last, the iPad Pro has left Apple’s labs and is ready to go, with a spec list that will surely cause as much excitement as the iPhone 6S did. The 12.9-inch screen tablet is aimed at the business market, but looks likely to be a hit with consumers as well. Here’s why:

1. Beautiful screen

The iPad Pro is a joy to use thanks to all that lovely screen space. Gamers will enjoy playing games on what is a great sized screen for gaming on the go. It doesn’t matter whether you’re watching a film on Netflix, playing games or creating great art, With a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels at a hefty 264ppi, there isn’t a lot you can’t view in comfort with Apple’s new tablet.

2. Compact size

Despite that almost 13-inch screen, the iPad Pro doesn’t seem bulky or cumbersome when you’re using it. In fact, it’s even thinner than the iPhone 6S, coming in at a fraction under 7mm in width. Apple’s done well in keeping it light, too, as it weighs virtually the same as its 9.7-inch predecessor. It’s much smaller than the massive Samsung Galaxy View, anyway.

3. Great sounds

Apple has sometimes struggled a little with sound quality on its portable devices, but the iPad Pro should change all that. It has no less than four speakers – top and bottom stereo pairs – packed into its slim body and will keep your Apple Music playlists sounding just the way you want them to, whatever your preferred bass or treble levels.

4. Super speed

The iPad Pro isn’t just fast for a tablet – it’s faster than many conventional computers. It’s almost twice as speedy as the previous iPad, with the A9X CPU bringing third-generation, 64-bit power to the platform for the first time. Most laptops will struggle to keep pace with it – and it even matches up to many desktops. Not bad for a tablet!

5. Apple Pencil

Yes, Apple changed its mind about the stylus – but aren’t you glad it did? Steve Jobs wouldn’t have liked it, but users will, as the Apple Pencil makes the iPad Pro a brilliant choice for budding artists. Of course, it’s also handy if you really need maximum precision – at online casino sites, or anywhere else you have to get things right first time.

6. Multimedia power

Although Apple boasts of the business credentials of the multitasking iOS 9, this tablet can do plenty away from the office. Apple’s given the iPad Pro an iSight rear camera with eight megapixels of resolution, plus a 1.2mp camera on the front for FaceTime chats. That big screen means taking 1080p videos is easy, while there are plenty of fun filters to explore.

7. Battery life

It’s what every portable device owner dreads – your battery running out after a few hours, leaving you helpless. That won’t happen with the new iPad Pro, with a hefty 10 hours of use possible from just one charge.


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