01st Nov2015

‘Doctor Who: 9×07 – The Zygon Invasion’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


After The Woman Who Lived I was hoping that Doctor Who would bounce back with an interesting episode. Doctor Who: 9×07 – The Zygon Invasion is another beginning for a two parter, which holds a lot of promise, though a few plot holes manage to weaken its impact.

With a fragile peace between the Humans and Zygons on a knife-edge The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) searches for Osgood (Ingrid Oliver) who holds the key to peace. With a splinter faction of the Zygon community seeking to incite violence against humans, is The Doctor too late or can he, UNIT and Clara (Jenna Coleman) save the day.

The Zygon Invasion for the most part is a strong episode, mostly because it looks at a subject we can relate to. With the splinter group of Zygons being comparable to ISIS and the language by UNIT continually making it clear that Zygons are second classed citizens we start to sympathise with the creatures that are hiding by cloning humans and taking their form.

This is once again where the Doctor character shows a weakness. We know who the Doctor is and we know how he will react. He even states that certain things should not be done, and he gives orders. My problem is why does he then stand back and watch events take place, and allow his orders as “President of the World” to be ignored? It makes no sense and causes annoyance for the audience, if they decide to actually think about what they are seeing.

At its heart, the Zygon story is a version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and it is handled well. I like the fact that the episode holds a mirror up to society and makes us question what our governments force feed us about terrorist, aliens, and outsiders to our country (world) and how we would deal with it. The problem though comes when the episode just can’t live up to the potential that it has created with the story.

What we do have to remember though are episodes of Doctor Who that used the same type of story, but failed miserably. Remember Aliens of London and World War Three with the Slitheen? Well The Zygon Invasion is much more superior in those disasters in terms of storytelling and acting, and that makes me positive for the second episode next week. I’m sure many people will be impressed by the cliffhanger at the end of the episode as it sets the story up perfectly for The Doctor obviously saving the day.

On the return of Osgood, I won’t go into just how that takes place or what it leads to but when Jenna Coleman leaves the show, I do think that Ingrid Oliver would be a perfect companion if that is the direction they go in. I’m not sure if we would be lucky enough to get that, but I’m sure we could cross our fingers and make a few wishes? Miracles have happened.

Doctor Who 9×07 – The Zygon Invasion is far from perfect and is damaged by a few plot holes, but for the most part it stays entertaining. This is a fast paced episode that goes back to what Doctor Who does best. It may not be to everybody’s taste but it managed to push the right buttons for me, making this an episode I liked, even with its flaws.

****½  4.5/5

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