21st Oct2015

Back to the Future? Nah! FAP to the Future!

by Phil Wheat

Set your DeLoreans to eighty-eight orgasms per hour because where we’re going, we definitely need lube. WoodRocket.com celebrates Back To The Future day in style, with the announcement of the porn parody, Fap to the Future… Finally, the greatest time-travel movie of all time gets the penetration it deserves! And in November Fap to the Future will be available to watch for free exclusively at WoodRocket.com

In this sexy science fiction adventure, Marty D**kFly rides C**k Brown’s poontonium-powered sex-time machine, The D**kLorean, back in time. After screwing the past up she must get her parents to do it for the first time at the Enchantment Under the Semen Dance and get back to 1985 before her porn gets scrambled!

WoodRocket.com has made like a tree and gotten an all-star porn parody team to come together in order to create Fap to the Future. Produced by April O’Neil & Seth’s Beard (Doctor Whore), written by Locke Van Kemp & Lee Roy Myers (Gnardians of the Galaxy), and directed by Lee Roy Myers (Strokemon), Fap to the Future will be 1.21 jizzawatts of electric adult cinema!

Watch the teaser trailer for Fap to the Future, featuring the time-jumping, genital-rubbing, D**kLorean below:



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