15th Oct2015

‘The Avengers: The Complete Series 6’ Blu-ray Review

by Paul Metcalf


There are certain British shows that are remembered so fondly that the fear of nostalgia kicks in and you think they can’t possibly be as good as you remember them. I’ll admit when I started watching The Avengers: The Complete Series 6 on Blu-ray I had that fear… Gladly I had nothing to worry about.

In Series 6 we see the final episode of Diana Rigg as Emma Peel, and the introduction of Tara King (Linda Thorson). In some of the craziest episodes we see Vaudeville assassins (with a guest role by John Cleese), a Prisoner parody, invisible men and all other kinds of strange assassins all gunning for Steed (Patrick Macnee) and his partner in crime.

While there is no doubt that Diana Rigg’s Emma Peel was an excellent sidekick for Steed, I have to admit that Tara King has always been my favourite. There was a time on UK television when they re-ran a lot of The Avengers, particularly with Tara King, and loved watching them. It made me not only a fan of the show but also of Linda Thorson’s character. The strong, confident ass kicking sidekick stole the show, just as Emma Peel had done in the past. It was a show so easy to get hooked into. The fact I also loved Prisoner, Doctor Who, and other shows like Sapphire and Steel shows exactly why I love The Avengers though.

These shows are television at its most eccentric, and at its most fearless. Take John Cleese’s appearance in the episode Look – (Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One) But There Were These Two Fellers… with the Vaudeville assassins. The fact that he protects the clown “contracts” which are eggs with clown faces painted on them, and these eggs lead to his doom show just how oddball the show is. His death is one of the most memorable in this set, and not just because it is Cleese.

For fans of classic UK television another impressive aspect is the stars on show. The Avengers always had this though. With the likes of Cleese, Bernard Cribbins, John Woodvine and Warren Clarke reveal a cast that any cult fan should easily be impressed by. With Series 6, it is easy to say that these are some of the best episodes of the show. There are some other classics from previous series of course, That goes without saying, especially when Emma Peel is considered the more memorable sidekick. The fact is though the writing is so good in these episodes that you can’t help but be enchanted by the craziness.

The Avengers worked because of the chemistry between Steed and his partner in crime. He had it with Emma Peel, and when Tara King took over the relationship was as much of a success. It’s admirable that Steed always saw the strength in his female sidekicks, even when other characters at times literally do say “oh she’s just a girl”. As fans of The Avengers, we know that in the end that “girl” was usually the one to be knocking them out later on.

The Avengers: The Complete Series 6 blu-ray is an excellent way to experience the oddball eccentric nature of the show. The HD quality shows the episodes off at their best, though they aren’t in widescreen (which is a shame). What they are though is uncut and looking good, what else can you ask for? If you are a fan of The Avengers get this bought right now, there are no excuses not to.

***** 5/5

The Avengers: The Complete Series 6 is available on Blu-ray now from StudioCanal.

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