05th Oct2015

Horror-ble Halloween: Deadly DVD Releases!

by Phil Wheat

It’s October, so you know what that means… Halloween! And what better way to celebrate the festival of fear than with a whole heap of new movie releases? But with a whole heap of new horror movies on the way this month, we thought we’d take a look at what UK distributors have to offer on DVD later this month:



The handyman of horror is back with a new box of tricks in in this terrifying sequel to Tobe Hooper’s 2004 reimagining of the 1978 cult favourite. Picking up directly after the events of Hooper’s film, we follow ‘Coffin Baby’, Hollywood’s most twisted killers, as he plans to put the screws to a new victim – Samantha, the sister of his prey from his previous rampage. Samantha finds herself held captive in a house of horrors and forced to undergo the most unspeakable tortures…

Unlike previous releases, this is the authorised and complete version of Toolbox Murders 2, which stars Chauntal Lewis as Samantha, Brian Krause, Chris Doyle, and two-time Academy Award nominee Bruce Dern. Directed by Dean Jones, the film will be released in the UK on DVD and Download simultaneously on October 12th 2015, courtesy of TriCoast UK.



From the makers of Saw, Sinister and The Conjuring comes the third chapter of this terrifying series. Exploring the earlier experiences of psychic Elise (Lin Shaye), Insidious: Chapter 3 is a genuinely scary thrill-ride with a chilling atmosphere and jump-out-of-your-seat scares.

When teenager Quinn Brenner (Stefanie Scott) senses that her late mother is trying to contact her, she seeks help from gifted psychic Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye). However, Elise’s tragic past makes her reluctant to use her abilities. After Quinn is attacked by a malevolent entity, her father (Dermot Mulroney) pleads with Elise for help. With support from two parapsychologists, Elise ventures deep into The Further — where she finds a powerful demon with an insatiable craving for human souls.

Insidious: Chapter 3 is released on DVD on October 12th, courtesy of eOne.



Get ready for scares. V/H/S Viral is the explosive third and final instalment in the celebrated American horror anthology trilogy. As talented writers and directors take us to some crazed, dark places… Featuring the short stories Vicious Circles, Dante the Great, Parallel Monsters and Bonestorm.

Written and Directed by Oscar Nominated Nacho Vigalondo (The ABC’s of Death, Timecrimes), plus Marcel Sarmiento (Deadgirl) Gregg Bishop (Dance of the Dead) Justin Benson (Spring) and Aaron Scott Moorhead (Resolution), V/H/S Viral is released by Koch Media on VOD 12th October and DVD 19th October.



After the death of their college age son, Anne (“Scream Queen” Barbara Crampton: Re-Animator, You’re Next) and Paul Sacchetti (Andrew Sensenig) relocate to the snow-swept New England hamlet of Aylesbury, a sleepy village where all is most certainly not as it seems. When strange sounds and eerie feelings convince Anne that her son’s spirit is still with them, they invite an eccentric, New Age couple (Larry Fessenden: I Sell the Dead and Lisa Marie: Mars Attacks!) to help them get to the bottom of the mystery. They discover that not only are the house’s first residents, the vengeful Dagmar family, still there – but so is an ancient power. A primal darkness slumbers under the old home, waking up every thirty years and demanding the fresh blood of a new family.

A tense and chilling ghost story from the producers of The House of the Devil and Cheap Thrills; and starring scream queen Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator), We Are Still Here is released by StudioCanal on VOD 12th October and DVD 19th October.



In a seemingly normal house in Enfield, north London, a series of disturbing paranormal events have begun to take place. Reports of an unworldly presence making repeated attempts on the life of 11-year-old Janet Hodgson soon attract the attention of paranormal investigator Maurice Grosse (Timothy Spall) who is convinced that the house is plagued by a poltergeist. With the attacks growing increasingly violent by the day Maurice will stop at nothing to protect Janet from these strange and dark forces.

Chilling and terrifying, The Enfield Haunting is the unmissable true story of the most documented and shocking poltergeist incident in modern history. The film is released on DVD on October 19th, courtesy of eOne.



When something slaughters a family camping in the French countryside, the freakishly large and powerful Talan Gwynek (Brian Scott O’Connor) is arrested for the crime. While as his public defender Kate (A.J. Cook) argues his case, she begins to suspect he’s suffering from a rare medical condition that causes physical abnormalities. But as they begin the tests, Kate discovers his truth is far more monstrous that she ever imagined.

Presented as a found footage documentary, Wer is a smart reinvention of the werewolf legend, big scares and great performances. The film is released on DVD on October 19th by eOne.



When best friends Ashley (played by Heather Tocquigny who was Nurse Kelly in Insidious) and Liz (Mackenzie Firgens) decide to visit Preston Castle, an abandoned boys’ correctional institute, nothing can prepare them for the grisly nightmare ahead. As the friends probe the decaying depths and shadows of the building, they find themselves in deeper and deeper trouble with no way out of the never-ending maze of rooms and locked doors. Directed by Martin Rosenberg.

A Haunting at Preston Castle is inspired by true events at northern California’s infamous haunted house Preston Castle, which has been featured on TV’s Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. The film will be released in the UK on DVD and Download simultaneously on October 26th 2015, courtesy of TriCoast UK.



Picking up immediately after the events of the first film, Contracted: Phase II follows Riley (Matt Mercer), now infected and running out of time, as he attempts to find out more about the virus and its mysterious host. As he digs deeper into its origins, Riley attracts the attention of a detective (Marianna Palka) who doubts his innocence, and BJ (Morgan Peter Brown) himself, who holds the key to the virus – and perhaps the destruction of mankind as we know it, leading to a blood-soaked finale you have to see to believe.

Starring Matt Mercer, Marianna Palka, Morgan Peter Brown and Peter Cilella; and directed by Josh Forbes, Contracted: Phase II is released on DVD and Digital on October 26th, courtesy of Primal Screen.



An upper-class garden party on a country estate turns to bloody chaos when a swarm of mutated wasps descends to feast upon its guests. Trying to escape the deadly insects, catering staffers Paul (Matt O’Leary) and Julia (Jessica Cook) retreat inside of the mansion with a handful of survivors, including the town’s mayor (Lance Henriksen) and local eccentric Sydney (Clifton Collins Jr). But with each victim they consume, the wasps grow bigger and it’s only a matter of time before the survivors finds themselves trapped inside a giant nest…

A modern twist on B-movies such as Them! and Piranha, Stung is released on DVD and Digital by eOne on October 26th.


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