07th Sep2015

Marvel go Liefeld with Marvel ’92 variants

by Phil Wheat

Remember the nineties? Bill Clinton was in the White House, the World Wide Web was on the rise, the USA brought home gold at the Olympics and the Infinity Gauntlet graced the shelves of comic shops the world over. Well this December, Marvel is taking you back in time to that memorable decade with the Marvel ‘92 variants! Return to the halcyon days of The X-Files and Grunge music with over 20 variant covers featuring Marvel icons in their unforgettable 1990s incarnations! Not to mention brought stunningly to life by some of the most popular artists of that era!

“The X-Men aren’t the only ones getting in on the ‘92 action,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “Witnessing that memorable era of comics brought to life again got us thinking about all the fun incarnations of Marvel’s most popular characters. Before we knew it we had a huge list of 1990s characters ready to make their 2015 debut!”

Does anyone REALLY want to remember the “halycon” 90s era comics? Really? We’ll see…








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