20th Jul2015

Keiji Inafune’s ‘Mighty No.9’ goes live-action

by Phil Wheat


Legendary Digital Media, Contradiction Films, and video game developer comcept Inc. announced today that they will develop a live action feature-length project for digital platforms based on the new [kickstarted to the tune $4 million, eclipsing its goal by 465%] video game Mighty No. 9, created and designed by video game legend Keiji Inafune and published by Deep Silver. This announcement comes in anticipation of Deep Silver’s release of the video game in September.

Mighty No. 9 is the second video game created by Inafune that Legendary Digital and Contradiction will adapt into a feature-length project. Legendary Digital Media previously distributed and Contradiction produced Dead Rising: Watchtower (a review of which is coming soon), based on the worldwide hit video game franchise Dead Rising, also created by Inafune, for Crackle’s online streaming service.

Said Greg Siegel, Legendary Digital Media’s Senior Vice President, Development and Production:

Legendary Digital and Contradiction have carved out a unique niche for ourselves, developing video game IP into successful feature-length and series content for digital platforms the world over. We are honored to have another opportunity to translate Inafune’s immersive worlds, engaging characters and action-packed gameplay into a live action project for video game fans and fans of streaming video alike.

Adds Keiji Inafune, comcept’s CEO:

The announcement that Legendary Digital is collaborating with Contradiction and comcept on creating a live action project based on MIGHTY NO. 9 is really amazing, not only for myself and the rest of the team at comcept who worked on the game, but also for all the fans who have supported the project. This collaboration will give our creation the ability to reach people all over the world. Thanks to all of your support, we have fulfilled another one of our dreams.

Mighty No. 9 follows the adventures of an android named Beck, unit “NO. 9” in a team of ten combat robots named “Mighty Numbers.” When a computer virus strikes, attacking his fellow robots as well as machines around the world, Beck is the only one in his line of androids not to be infected. With the help of his best friend Call, Beck must find the villain responsible for the virus while fighting off his fellow robots who have gone rogue along the way.

Inafune has been a major player in the video game world since his start in 1987. He began designing games at Capcom, where he was part of the team that created the hugely successful game Mega Man (of which Mighty No. 9 is the “spiritual successor”)which has since sold over 30 million copies globally, not including its over ten iterations and six different spinoff franchises. Inafune’s next major success came with Dead Rising in 2006. The zombie-slaying game and its sequels have sold over 10.3 million copies worldwide. However in 2010, Inafune announced that he was leaving Capcom and later that year launched his own company, comcept Inc.



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