20th Jul2015

Doing it Geek Style: 5 Ways to Boost Your Geeky Credentials

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The world is turning geeky. Whether it’s the so-called “geek chic” style that women around the world use to attract their next nerd, or the décor that turns your home into the ultimate geek TARDIS, being “geeky” is now cool.

Of course, hardcore geeks will assert that the very moment something geeky becomes cool it’s no longer geeky. However, there are things in this world that buck this trend and we’ve found them. Spanning a range of genres and industries, our top five geek-inspired options are great examples of how something cool can be based on something many would deem uncool.

The Star Wars Bikini

by  JD Hancock

by JD Hancock (Flickr)

Fashionistas might assert that to look glam around the pool this summer you need to wear Missoni Mare or Lazul, but if you really want to look cool then you need some Star Wars in your life. Although not quite as iconic as Miss Leia’s outfit, the Star Wars swimsuit does have a Darth-Vader-meets-storm-trooper vibe, which not only makes it an SW fan’s dream, but ensures it’s massively cool. If Star Wars isn’t your thing, then you can also pick up a range of equally geeky swimsuits, including: Star Trek, Harry Potter and Dr Who.

Geeks in a Spin

Aside from providing entertainment in their own right, geek flicks such as The Fantastic Four, Star Trek, Iron Man and the Avengers have also been used to inject some life into the online world. Thanks to developers such as Microgaming and Playtech, geeky gamers can have the chance to ante-up and play games based on various comic and sci-fi characters.

The Portal Cube Table


When you think geek, you instantly think worm holes, hyper drives and transporters and thanks to a creative soul from Reddit, you can now have a coffee table inspired by these items. Titled as the “Portal Weighted Storage Cube Table”, this product was designed by Reddit user “fetchbeer” and is a nod to all things sci-fi. As well as looking cool as it glows in the middle of your living room, this product is highly functional as it serves both as a storage unit and a table.

Tetris Shelving

Trying to piece together a constant stream of falling shapes into an interconnected pattern might be one of the most frustrating yet entertaining games ever made. However, there’s certainly nothing frustrating about the Tetris shelving unit. Offering a visually stunning but highly functional wall display, the Tetris shelves allow you to store virtually any item you want and have fun while you’re doing it. Standard book shelves may be boring, but the Tetris unit is anything but.

Your Marvel-lous Baby

by greyloch (Flickr)

by greyloch (Flickr)

Thanks to the creative sorts at Disney, you can now indoctrinate your child into the world of geek through a range of specially designed baby clothes. Using its status as the official owner of Marvel Studios, Disney has created a range of fully branded superhero baby outfits designed for both boys and girls. Offering everything from Spiderman to the Thor hoodie, this range of clothes is the perfect way to turn you kids into super cool, super geeks before they’ve even hit junior school.

Of course, being a cool geek isn’t all about the things you buy, it’s a state of mind. However, if you’re looking for a way to boost your geeky credentials, then our list of games and products should put you on the right path geekdom.

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