11th Jul2015

‘Stars & Cars 2’ Event Report & Gallery

by Phil Wheat


The sequel to last years event, Stars & Cars 2 took place on July 5th in Chorley, Lancashire and saw people turn out to not only check out the vehicles on show – Del Boy’s three-wheeler from Only Fools & Horses, KITT from Knightrider, the Impala from Supernatural and the Delorean from Back to the Future – but also see plenty of cosplayers including Spider-Man, Captain America, Arrow, Batman and more… and at the same time support three charities: St.Catherines Hospice, Sibes & Sled Dogs and the anti bullying campaign, i Cosplay!

Suprisingly well-attended for a local event, Stars & Cars 2 is – compared to many other UK cons – a small event. But that didn’t stop Nerdly from taking a trip and checking it out for the first time. After all, we cover independent movies and comics here on the site, so why not an independent convention?

The day started off slow but come 11.30am and the event, put on by local geeky retailer Films & Figures, was in full swing and best of all, this was most-definitely a family-friendly event, with people of all ages in attendance. It certainly made a change from the usual convention scene to see children, parents AND grandparents (even the family pet came along with some folks) all at the same event, all having plenty of fun!It’s a credit to the organisers, the traders  and the cosplayers in particular, that Stars & Cars 2 was such an inclusive event.

Check out the gallery below for just some of the highlights:


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