18th Mar2015

First trailer and poster for ‘ABCs of Superheroes’

by Phil Wheat

What do Bai Ling, tight spandex undies, gallons of fake blood, evil monsters from outer space, and a blue mutant ape have in common? They are all playing a significant role in the upcoming anthology feature ABCs of Superheroes whose ridiculously cheesy, over the top trailer is below… The film presents us with a superhero, a group of superheroes, or a supervillain for each letter of the alphabet. Think of ABCs of Superheroes as the spandex-wearing cousin of The ABCs of Death franchise!

ABCs of Superheroes is the first feature length film for German directors Jens Holzheuer and Oliver Tietgen and producer René Wiesner, who have built the film around their entry for The ABCs of Death 2, entitled “M is for Menstruation” which revolves around a female superhero who has very peculiar and special female

Even though the ABCs of Superheroes is still shooting it already features guest stars such as Bai Ling, Uwe Boll, and German youtuber and Dacascos Kung Fu disciple Flying Uwe, and producer Renè Wiesner says they are still in talks with other prospective guest stars. For more info, check out the official Facebook page and the ABCs of Superheroes website.





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