17th Mar2015

Watch Now: Phillip Human – Episode 1

by Phil Wheat

Katy Carmichael (Channel 4’s Spaced) and popular vlogger Paul Neafcy star in a Phillip Human, a series of 10 horror-themed vlogs – broadcasting online on the Wildseed Comedy YouTube channel – about a lost soul raised in isolation who embarks on a journey of realisation as he uncovers some of the gory secrets of his past. And it’s going straight to Hell.

Poor Phillip Human. He’s a lonely, lost soul, raised in isolation and unusual surroundings, before the mysterious disappearance of his parents. Like a refugee from a gothic horror story, Phillip Human lives in a haunted mansion containing untold secrets and with little experience of the real world.

Ironically, he wants nothing more than to reach out to the modern world, to help people and make human connections. His attempts to do so are continually thwarted thanks to his disturbing appearance and lack of common ground with pretty much everyone.

Will Phillip Human ever discover who he is… and what he’s made of?



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