06th Mar2015

‘Doctor Who: 11th Doctor Vol. 1 – After Life’ Review

by Richard Axtell

Written by Al Ewing, Rob Williams | Art by Simon Fraser, Boo Cook | Colorists: Gary Caldwell, Hi-Fi | Published by Titan Comics | Format: HC, 128pp


With a force of personality capable of bending time itself and all the energy of a star’s exploding heart, the Doctor blasts into the hollow, tragic life of a woman with so much to offer – and gives her the chance to scream ‘Geronimo!’ at the thrills, colours and terrors of an infinite universe! It all starts with an alien dog terrorising London and from there they blast off into the stars with all new adventures from the Eleventh Doctor and his new companion.

So here’s my review of the Eleventh Doctor Volume 1. Reviews are cool. At least, that’s what I like to tell myself in the mirror each morning. Doing reviews for Doctor Who comics is also very cool, especially when it is a collection of five comics in one. I can really sink my teeth into it and get a few complete stories. These particular comics follow Eleven and his newest companion Alice, a forty year old Londoner who is having a rough time as they set off on new and exciting Doctor Who adventures.

If you’re a fan of Eleven’s slightly more clown-like style as the Doctor, you will be glad to know that the writers managed to keep it alive and well throughout this collection. They also throw in a few bits of gravitas for good measure to really capture the impact of the Doctor in all his glory. Also, more importantly, you get to see the swimming pool inside the Tardis! No? Not that high on your ‘important things to be in a comic’ list? Alright, let’s move on then.

For the most part, Eleven looks like Eleven, which I find is very important when making a comic based around the Eleventh Doctor. He looks a bit… old occasionally, which seems a bit strange for the youngest incarnation of the Doctor, but for the majority, Matt Smith’s likeness and the glorious bow tie are proudly there for all to see. As for story, don’t think that because his companion is older that the story is any slower, oh no. There is still plenty of running, drama and David Bowie references (?!) to keep your inner Whovian happy. Also, as a nice touch the stories are all subtly (and not so subtly) linked throughout this collection. That definitely reminded me a lot of the television show and how little things might not seem relevant until they are suddenly very relevant. Again, very good when you are making a comic based on said television show.

Overall, it’s a great collection to feed your Eleventh Doctor cravings, filled with excitement and adventure of the alien variety. It keeps with the feeling of Eleven, Doctor Who in general and thankfully doesn’t let up for a second. Eleven not your style? More of a fan of Ten? Well check out my review of Ten’s comic collection here!

Doctor Who: 11th Doctor Vol. 1 – After Life is released on Wednesday March 25th, courtesy of Titan Comics.

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