03rd Mar2015

Peccadillo Pictures announce release of ‘What’s Left of Us’

by Phil Wheat

Originally screened at London’s Frightfest in 2013 under the title of The Desert, What’s Left Of Us is a superb, gripping and terrifying imagining of three people holding on to sanity, safety and all they have left. The film is set for a VOD and DVD release on May 11th courtesy of Peccadillo Pictures, who previously released another Frightfest favourite of mine, The Arrival of Wang, and are set to debut another fantastic Frightfest flick, Der Samurai, in April.

Axel, Jonathan and Ana are the last three humans alive on Earth, living together in a claustrophobic bunker in a post-apocalyptic hell. Outside is a perilous and unknown landscape filled with the undead and in order to survive, they must scavenge and hunt for food and supplies. Soon all sorts of human emotions start to form: love, anger, and hatred for one another. But most important of all, they must learn to live together. To hold on to their sanity, they capture and lock up one of the undead for interrogation and Ana has invented ‘the therapy room’, a place for them to record their confessions.

Check out the trailer and DVD cover below, and look out for the What’s Left of Us in stores and online on May 11th.



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