13th Dec2014

Mondo Squallido – Episode 61: Ilsa the Wicked Warden

by Phil Wheat

Today on Mondo Squallido we are entering the world of Jess Franco once again. This time we look at his semi-unofficial and unintended venture in to the Ilsa sub genre. The film goes by many names, but I think even some newcomers to world of psychotronic cinema will at least know this film. It is of course Ilsa the Wicked Warden, starring the one and only Dyanne Thorne as Greta, the sadistic warden of a “clinic” for women.

Are you ready for a sleazily absurd romp? Do you like women? Do you have a heartbeat? Well, thanks to the wonderful Ascot Elite label based in Germany, we can let this sadistic journey begin!


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