09th Dec2014

Box art & first screenshots from ‘Ninjas vs Monsters’

by Phil Wheat

The wise-cracking ass-kicking small town ninjas of Ninjas vs Vampires are back with the action-packed horror film Ninjas vs Monsters – to be released by Left Films on DVD and Bluray in the UK on 26th January 2015. This time the ninjas take on an army of traditional horror movie fiends in order to save mankind….

Dracula has called upon Frankenstein’s monster, The Mummy, Werewolf, and a coven of Witches to wipe out the Ninjas, but our pizza-loving heroes – tougher and wiser after their battles in the 2011 film Ninjas Vs Vampires – now have their own supernatural powers as well as awesome kung fu skills to counter the threat. What follows is non-stop combat with plenty of laughs and gore along the way in director Justin Timpane’s latest horror adventure, which is Executive Produced by Eduardo Sanchez (director of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, LOVELY MOLLY and EXISTS).

The DVD and Bluray release of Ninjas vs Monsters include a huge package of extras including:
Alternative Ending, Deleted Scenes, Audition Videos, Music Video, and more. The Bluray also includes a free bonus copy of Ninjas vs Vampires (2011), the complete 95-minute feature film in which the same characters took on an army of bloodsuckers to save the world!








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