07th Dec2014

The Almighties #1 and #0 Review

by Richard Axtell


The Almighties are a superhero team comprised of armoured field leader MAXI-TRON, former downtrodden Canadian housewife turned swingin’ super-heroine MS. F, British punk rocker/werewolf NITE FANG, black ops soldier-for-hire MASON… and Greek takeout owner Stefanos. Together they battle the biggest and meanest threats to the United States of America in their ‘Avengers’ parodying tale. Prepare yourself for a tongue-in-cheek ribbing of the ‘tights and capes’ genre, as the team fight to find their place in the world of superheroes.

“Almighties Amass!” That battle cry alone put a smile on my face as I was reading the first two issues of this rather insane superhero team. But then you should probably expect a lot of laughter when reading about a team where one of the heroes fights with a Doner Kebab as a weapon (and in my opinion is the most badass out of the lot as well). Filled with winks and nods to Marvel comics, and superhero tropes in general, The Almighties does not fail to entertain as they set off to save America in their own special way.

The first issue in this series deals with the team on their first few assignments against some big and serious threats to the security of the US of A. These threats include a… coffee shop and… animal rights activists? Needless to say, the comic doesn’t fail to impress in its first entry into the series littered with jokes and action which bring each of the members of the team to life in their own unique and hilarious ways.

After the events of the first comic, we are dropped straight into issue two… or issue zero as it is called. It deals with the aftermath of the first issue with the team being reformed after disbanding. Whereas the first comic could be a whole story within itself, this issue feels like the first step into a larger story which is beginning to unfold. Oh and it doesn’t skimp on the jokes either, and made me laugh out loud on many occasions.

If I had one complaint, which is a minor one, it is that in issue #0, the stories talks about a Killer Whale but in the picture it looks more like another kind of whale. Killer Whales are pretty distinctive looking. Alright, it is a tiny complaint but I’m sure any cetologists reading this will no doubt agree with me that it is probably worth mentioning. Overall, the art in this series is spot on, reflecting the hilarious and over the top nature of the story. It is quirky and cartoon-like, which in some cases makes the more ‘adult’ jokes even funnier and left me in fits of giggles more than once.

Either way, this series is a massive laugh and fans of superhero comics especially the more Marvel inclined should definitely pick it up. The Almighties gets many thumbs up from me!


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