26th Oct2014

‘The Killing: Complete Third Season’ Blu-ray Review

by Paul Metcalf


In the final season of The Killing, everything comes full circle and the past comes back to haunt Linden (Mireille Enos) who seemed to have finally escaped from the life of the homicide detective. Dragged back to the case that started her obsession, this is the one to make Linden question if her instincts were right, or was there a miscarriage of justice?

Moving away from politics, there is still a hint of police corruption in The Killing Season 3 pulling Linden back into being a homicide detective.  When Ray Seward (Peter Sarsgaard) a murderer from her past is nearing his execution, Linde begins to question his guilt when bodies of young women are discovered bearing the same tell-tale marks of his victim.  With Holder (Joel Kinnaman) by her side and James Skinner (Elias Koteas) her past partner investigating the murders, a whole new can of worms are opened up.

After the second season put a full stop on the previous case it was interesting to see where the story would go.  By going back to the case that caused Linden to almost lose everything we get to see where her obsession started, and also we see Linden once again become obsessed.  Mireille Enos plays Linden as good as ever, playing the character with an intensity that makes the audience question if she if she will snap once again.

The most interesting aspect of season three for me is that we have two cases that may or may not be related.  With the inclusion of street girl Bullet (Bex Taylor-Klaus) as Holder’s go to person for information we also see a new friendship building, and we get a chance for Joel Kinnaman to show Holder’s humanity once again.  Bullet in many ways does steal the scenes she is in with her fight to find her missing friend, especially the verbal sparring between her and Holder.  There are similarities between the strength of Linden and Bullet that are also shown in some scenes too which shows why the character works so well with Holder, he needs a strong partner to keep him in line.

The story of Ray Seward is a strange one, but an important storyline that really keeps the season together.  We see a man who shows hints of innocence, but is so quick to lash out and show an evilness that isn’t that believable, it’s a shield to protect himself.  Finding out that he is the father of the boy Linden is haunted by puts a focus on the crime he is to be executed for.  I also liked the way that with the inclusion  of this character we are also given a prison side story that not only features him but other prisoners, showing some true evils that we may be glad are locked up in the cells.

This is a strong season not only because it goes full circle on Linden’s story but also because it is a very human story where the characters are important.  We don’t only see the focus on the victims here but also the people around them, especially with people like Bullet who are very easy to like because of their attitude and their attitudes to life. Season 3 is good, but as I feel the second was the best for me and I feel that is where the show peaked.

The Killing: The Complete Third Season is available on DVD and Blu-ray from October 27th, along with a Season 1-3 boxset. Season 4 is also available on Netflix.

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