20th Oct2014

Interview: Catherine Annette, star of Fred Olen Ray’s ‘After Midnight’

by Phil Wheat

Screen siren Tawny Kitaen returns to our screens on the hunt for a killer in After Midnight, the latest film from renowned filmmaker Fred Olen Ray (the man behind one of my favourite horror B-movies, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers). When an exotic dancer is murdered at a seedy strip club, her sister Constance (Catherine Annette – Silent But Deadly), a TV newscaster, goes undercover to find the killer. While working at the club, she quickly realizes that everyone is a suspect and that other dancers are being targeted. She must work fast to find the killer to seek her revenge before she becomes the next target.

After Midnight debuts via VOD on October 28th from Phase 4 Films, in anticipation of it’s release we chatted to star Catherine Annette about her role and working with Fred Olen Ray and Tawny Kitaen…


What was it that attracted you to the film, Catherine?

I love Fred Olen Ray’s work. His movies are always fun to shoot and to watch. I liked that he expanded his genre and I was excited to be a part of it.

Were you familiar with Fred’s work as a director?

Yes ‐ I worked with him on Super Shark and had a blast! His whole crew is great to work with.

How would you describe the film?

Suspenseful, sensational, seedy, and sexy!

If you had to choose two films that are somewhat similar to After Midnight what would they be?

I’d say it is a Twin Peaks v hibe or a a sexy The Others.

How was it working with Tawny Kitaen? Having been in the industry for so long, did she share any advice?

She was such a sweetheart! We ended up just sitting in her trailer and going over lines and swapping fun stories. She didn’t give me specific advice, but she did say I was very talented, which I took as a huge compliment. If I can have even half of her career and success, I will be very blessed.

Was it a short shoot?

It was a very interesting shoot-­‐ they combined locations and crews with another production so the actors didn’t shoot straight through. Also, Fred knows how to be very efficient so the days weren’t
long or strenuous.

Was the film shot in real clubs – how did that work? Did they have to shut them down for the day/night?

Yes ­‐ we shot most of it in a real bar in Chatsworth. We shot early morning into the day, so there wasn’t too much of a disruptance. However, there were plenty of guys that ignored the “Closed” sign and wandered into the set. Let’s just say they were all very pleasantly surprised that there were 5 strippers dancing in their neighborhood pub at 4 pm. It was hard to get them to leave!

What are you up to as we speak?

We’re finishing up post production on Not So Fast My Tooth is Loose. Its a hilarious comedy that makes fun of sexy movies. Tiffany Tynes and Christine Nguyen from After Midnight are also in it. Another film Christine and I did together-­‐ Coed and the Zombie Stoner-­‐ just got released on Netflix.

After Midnight is released on October 28th from Phase 4 Films.


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