14th Oct2014

Tristan Risk & Ellie Church join Jessica Cameron’s ‘Mania’

by Phil Wheat

Actresses Tristan Risk, from the Soska Sister’s American Mary, and Ellie Church, of the grindhouse film Time to Kill have joined the production of Jessica Cameron and Jonathan Scott Higgins latest movie, Mania. Risk will play the role of Brooke and Church will play the role of Mel.

Mania is one of three features in Jessica Cameron’s triple feature cross-country extravaganza. In it, Risk will play the crazed lesbian lover of Church’s character Mel. It will mark her 2nd feature as a director from a script Higgins wrote. Desolation will be the second feature film and directed by Ryan M. Andrews from a script he wrote. Risk has also signed on to star as the villain in Andrews’ movie. A feature length documentary titled Kill the Production Assistant, will also chronicle the making of this very ambitious project.

On Truth or Dare (review), Cameron and Higgins were met with difficulties trying to secure a director who could handle the gory script until Cameron finally decided to pull up her sleeves and do it herself. They, along with Mem Ferda – the sole producer on all three movies – met a new challenge with casting the female leads in Mania. Numerous actresses have dropped out due to the amount of nudity in the script. Says Tristan Risk:

As someone who self-identifies as queer, I’m also happy to have a story where the two protagonists are two women in love, and the struggles they try to overcome together. It’s a beautiful and dark story.

Principal photography begins on November 3rd and they will be filming all three films while traveling cross-country in an RV. For more info check out Mania‘s Facebook and Twitter pages.



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