14th Sep2014

‘The Ultimate Pleasure / I Am Always Ready’ DVD Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

by Mondo Squallido

The Ultimate Pleasure


Stars: Kristine Heller, Jeff Lyle, Annette Haven, John Holmes | Written by Edgar G. Warren | Directed by Carlos Tobalina

Kristine Heller (Confessions, Teeny Buns) and Jeff Lyle (Suzi Superstar, Oriental Babysitter) play as Rose and Jim (no, not the two rag dolls who live on the canal) who are couple trapped in a sexless marriage. The pair deals with the problem in their own way. Whilst working in his cab, Jim discovers a briefcase full of money and of course, goes to Vegas to get some action in the form of the lovely Annette Haven (Barbara Broadcast, China Girl) and her friends who are high end call girls. Rose however, deals with her issues with therapy. Oh, and the help of a wonder drug that induces her in to a deep sleep to awaken her deepest sexual desires (you know, the normal route!). This includes some lovely lady love and a creamy bukkake session including the one and only John Holmes (Tapestry of Passion, Eruption). Will this help their marriage?

Will Jim finally get Rose smoke his bone instead of cigarettes? That would be telling now wouldn’t it!?

The Ultimate Pleasure is one of those quirky little porno flicks that has a somewhat ridiculous story but you just go with it. Sure there are plot holes bigger than the mighty staff of John Holmes, but it’s fun. The sex is good and has some variety so you may potentially need that box of tissues and your wife’s foot cream after all. The acting is just as entertaining as the story but this is 70’s porn, that’s what we love! It’s always great seeing Annette Haven and her elegantly pale frame on screen. Fans of Mr. Holmes may be disappointed as he only appears for a few minutes but that’s not too bad since there is enough personality on screen. Fans of library music will definitely appreciate this one as there are some fantastic tracks throughout. The only thing that took me out was the way some of the sex was shot, the camera follows every movement and sometimes looks like a YouTube video that has been badly stabilised, it’s a nitpick I know but it’s only a small one at that.

I Am Always Ready


Stars: Ronie Ross, John Holmes, Mike Horner, Marlene Munroe, Fernando Fortes | Directed by Carlos Tobalina

Ronie Ross (playing as herself in her only acting credit) inherits a sizable amount of money and does what most people would do, decides to shoot her own porn movie. After sorting out a producer and enlisting the help of Mr. John Holmes himself (love you how you can become so big you are cast as yourself in other peoples movies!) begins. When she’s not having a ‘hands on’ role in casting, she is also involved in all the hot sweaty action. Even her cameraman gets a piece of the action. That’s essentially the story of this one folks, straight to the action (and there’s a lot of action) and pure release material for this who braved the Grindhouses in New York.

If you just want pure sex, then this is the film for you. If like me, you appreciate classic porn for more than long and often drawn out sequences, you may be a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the sex is done brilliantly and the final orgy scene is quite a sight and I enjoyed the whole idea of a film within and film, but aside from that, this film just didn’t do much for me at all. The story progresses pretty much in small clips and title cards, there’s some humour here and there and I did get a smile at watching Ronie talking to her potential cast members and then getting down and dirty with them. Not even the inclusion of actors such as John Holmes, Mike Horner (Easy, Aunt Peg) and Marlene Munroe (Tropic of Desire, Female Athletes) could really save this one for me.

Overall, this release from Vinegar Syndrome hasn’t been one of my favourites. That doesn’t mean that Vinegar Syndrome haven’t done a stellar job. As always, the films look and sound wonderful. There are some gorgeous shots in the introduction of The Ultimate Pleasure that look even better with Vinegar Syndrome’s restoration. Aside from the high quality transfers we come to expect, there are also trailers for both films included in the set. I would only really recommend this release to completists who are looking for as full of a classic hardcore as possible. The same can go for John Holmes completists. Hats off again to Vinegar Syndrome for putting out these obscure films in the way they are presented.

You can buy this release directly from Vinegar Syndrome here.


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