08th Sep2014

First screenshots from Ginger Lynn Allen starrer ‘House of Many Sorrows’

by Phil Wheat

Legendary adult film star Ginger Lynn Allen has wrapped filming her role in the upcoming horror movie House of Many Sorrows, which was shot just outside of the small town of Killam, Alberta, and tells the story of a young man who takes over his mother’s bed and breakfast establishment. Strange things soon begin happening, and people begin disappearing and dying.

Allen plays the role of Jocelyn Mathers, a larger than life bad girl, in the movie. Says Allen:

I was very excited to land this role, and working with director Barry J. Gillis has been a pleasure. I found this role to be very, very fulfilling [as] Barry let me incorporate a few of my own ideas into the role, and that was really satisfying.

House of Many Sorrows is written, produced and directed by Barry J. Gillis. It also stars Tom Malloy (The Alphabet Killer, The Attic) and Kim Sonderholm (The Horror Vault, Craig, Sinister Visions) as well as up and coming actors  Samantha Brownlee, Nella Virga, Betty Maxwell and Jolene Mackenzie. The film is set for release next year.







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