05th Sep2014

Re-Animator’s Jeffrey Combs gets mouldy for ‘Motivational Growth’

by Phil Wheat

In anticipation of it’s VOD/DVD release, a new trailer has been released for Don Thacker’s feature-film debut and sleeper festival-hit, Motivational Growth, which stars genre-legend Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator, From Beyond).

In Motivational Growth, Ian Foliver (Adrian DiGiovanni), a depressed and reclusive man in his 30s, finds himself taking advice from a growth in his bathroom after a failed suicide attempt. The Mold (‘Re-Animator’ star Jeffrey Combs), a smooth talking fungus born of the filth in a neglected bathroom, works to help Ian clean himself up and remodel his lifestyle. The Mold has big plans for Ian, but they may not be as innocent as they seem. A labyrinthine-narrative follows, full of colorfully-drawn characters and gruesome body horror. “The Mold knows, Jack. The Mold knows.”

The DVD release will include a commentary track (with actors Jeffrey Combs and Adrian DiGiovanni and director Don Thacker), a photo gallery and trailers. The Blu-ray edition will also include an hour of behind the scenes material. Motivational Growth will hit VOD worldwide on September 30th via Devolver Films and Indiecan Entertainment in Canada, Blu-Ray & DVD in Canada on the same date, and DVD in the US the following week via Parade Deck Films, on October 7th.



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