16th Aug2014

Unearthed Films to release Ryan Nicholson’s ‘Collar’

by Phil Wheat

Unearthed Films and Plotdigger Films are proud to announce the DVD release of Ryan Nicholson’s (Gutterballs, Hanger, Live Feed) extreme horror Collar; which sees a rookie cop starts her shift like any other but soon it will all change for the worse. A derelict with a reputation of satanic violence, attacks the officer and collars her with a dog leash which is just the start of his abusive ritual.

Collar stars Nick Principe, who played Chromeskull in Laid to Rest 1 and 2, as a satanic derelict with a taste for human flesh who terrorizes skid row’s prostitutes, junkies and homeless, escalating his level of violence after he abducts a rookie cop played by Aidan Dee (Caprica, A Dangerous Man), on a routine patrol. The film also stars Mackenzie Murdock (Father’s Day, Manborg), Ronald Thompson (Hanger) and Mihola Terzik (Gutterballs).

Shot on location in Vancouver, BC, “Collar” also features a heavy assortment of gruesome FX Makeup design by Michelle Grady, who previously collaborated with Nicholson on “Gutterballs”, “Hanger” and “Famine”. Lensed by Wolfgang Meyer, “Seed 2: The New Breed” and “Stockholm”, “Collar” was Nicholson’s, had the most locations, FX and setups he had ever attempted in his full yet, varied career.

Produced by James Morgart, Adam Torkel and Keryn Thompson, along with Germany distributor “Illusions Entertainment”, “Collar” premiered April, 2014 in Switzerland at “Genre fest Plan 2400: Les Etranges Nuits du Cinéma”.

Director, Ryan Nicholson has directed the films: Gutterballs, Hanger, Live Feed, The Profane Exhibit, Famine and the upcoming movie, Cannibal Lipstick and Ted Bundy had a Son.” Ryan, as a Special Effect Supervisor has worked on such hits as, “Ghost Rider, Final Destination, The Chronicles of Riddick, Tortured, Reindeer Games and many more. He has also worked on numerous TV shows as Stargate SG-1, Smallville, The Supernaturals, Eureka, Millenium and many, many more.







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