29th Jun2014

‘Power Rangers Super Samurai – Vol.2: Rise of the Bullzooka’ Review

by Phil Wheat


Power Rangers Super Samurai – Volume 2: Rise of the Bullzooka is the second volume of episodes from the follow-up series to Power Rangers Samurai. This generation of rangers is comprised of Red Ranger Jayden (Alex Heartman), Blue Ranger Kevin (Najee De-Tiege), Pink Ranger Mia (Erika Fong), Green Ranger Mike (Hector David Jr.), Yellow Ranger Emily (Brittany Anne Pirtle) and Gold Ranger Antonio (Steven Skyler). Together they are tasked with protecting innocent civilians from a variety of threats from evil Lord Serrator who unveils his mysterious master plan to enslave Earth with his Mooger and Spitfang army – battling against a duplicating Nighlok, Kevin and Mike getting stuck together with a sticky glue glob and overcoming an intense hunger toxin!

Unlike the previous PR Samurai releases, which typically combined a handful of episodes on each disc, this volume of Power Rangers Super Samurai Vol.2 features a whopping seven episodes from the series, including:

1×1- – Runaway Spike

The Rangers battle the Nighlok Duplicator that creates mirror images confusing them; Spike looks for a job to help Uncle Bulk.

1×11 – The Strange Case of the Munchies

As Emily begins to worry that she’s too nice, a Nighlok’s black sand causes desperate hunger and thirst in the other Rangers. Meanwhile, an attempt to return Mia’s lost wallet cause Bulk and Spike to find their way into the Shiba House.

1×12 – A Sticky Situation

Kevin and Mike must work in sync to defeat a Nighlok that shot a gooey substance that had binded them together.

1×13 – Trust Me

Lord Serrator clouds the minds of Monalua inhabitants, so Cody delivers the new Bullzooka to the Samurai Rangers. Meanwhile Maldan renders the Spin Sword obsolete with the new Mooger Master Blasters and their “Laser Blasters”.

1×14 – The Master Returns

Jayden doubts that he has what it takes to be the Red Ranger; Master Xandred demands Serrator return Dayu’s Harmonium.

1×15 – A Crack in the World

The Rangers discover that Serrator’s recent attacks have an ulterior motive – to crack open the earth and let the Sanzu flood it and thereby become ruler of both worlds. Meanwhile, Pestilox attacks the city.

1×16 – Stroke of Fate

When Serrator asks Deker to fulfill the final piece of his destructive plans, Antonio begs Deker to reconsider his role in the battle between humans and the Nighlok.

The crux of this volume is the introduction of the Bullzooka, and its alternate combinations the Super Bullzooka and Shogun Spear, the Samurai LightZord combination (all mainly introduced in episode 12). Also, in a change to the UK releases, volume 2 includes three extra episodes compared to its US counterpart (14,15 & 16), including the “two-parter” A Crack in the World/Stroke of Fate – which means there’s only one more volume to go in this collection before they move on to Power Rangers Megaforce (which I am really looking forward to).

Power Rangers Samurai – Volume 2: Rise of the Bullzooka is out now on DVD from FremantleMedia.


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