18th Jun2014

The Fangirl Diaries: Diary # 5 – Fangirl Chic: SDCC Style

by Phil Wheat


The Fangirls: Meli, Elsie & Tammy (pictured above) are the hosts of The Fangirl Diaries a vlog/podcast whose goal is to change your opinion of the fangirl. We’re proud to have The Fangirl Diaries as a part of Nerdly.co.uk and we hope you enjoy their videos… As they say for themselves:

We flail, squee and tumble, but are also intelligent, inquisitive and passionate. Everyone has fangirl moments. We can’t wait to share ours.

In this episode of The Fangirl Diaries, Netty Del of The Fashionable ESQ (thefashionableesq.blogspot.com) helps style Fangirl Meli for the upcoming geek mecca that is San Diego Comic Con.

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