16th Jun2014

The Best Ways to Watch Films on the Go!

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Due to the fact that most people in the UK now own a portable device, it comes as no surprise that watching media on the go is becoming more and more prevalent. While many prefer to supplement their commute with a good book, an increasing number of us with iPhones, iPads and tablets choose to entertain ourselves with our favourite films.

Whether you’ve got a lengthy wait at the bus stop or are about to endure an extended train ride, there are a handful of great ways that you can watch flicks on the go. Here’s how!


Netflix is one of the most well-known TV and film providers on the market, offering an easy monthly payment plan which lets you watch whatever you want, whenever you want. With a Netflix account, you can enjoy immediate access to an extensive range of content. Plus, you don’t need to pay extra fees in order to use the account on one of your mobile devices.

You can download what you want to watch using your internet connection, and easily view it later while you’re on the move. Alternatively, you can stream content depending on the capabilities of your roaming internet connection. If it turns out that Netflix is not really your thing, you’re free to cancel your subscription at any time.


iTunes is great as it allows you to buy or rent films and TV shows in addition to music tracks. Given you have access to an internet connection, you can download whatever you please and begin to watch it right away.  If you don’t have an Apple mobile device and have chosen an Android instead, read on…

Google Play

If you have an Android tablet or phone featuring at least version 2.2, Google Play will usually be built in as standard. Click here to check out the web version for movies. You can also use Google Play to watch anything you have uploaded onto your device from a memory stick or hard drive.

It’s worth noting that if you don’t have a data plan, paying for internet access while you are on the move can end up being very expensive, especially if you are downloading or streaming media.

A great solution is to sign up for a cost effective media package. One fantastic deal which has appeared recently is the Big Kahuna, the ultimate bundle from Virgin Media. It conveniently packs your entire internet, mobile, TV and phone tariff into one package and is a must have for anyone intending to watch films on the go.

As well as streaming your existing content, you can also buy or rent an extensive range of films and episodes. The selection is huge, featuring everything from cult classics to brand new box office hits. Of course, you will need an internet connection with Wi-Fi, or a 3G or 4G data plan.

Once you’ve downloaded a file, you don’t need a computer to watch whatever it is you have chosen. Simply plug some headphones into your tablet or smartphone and you’re good to go!

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