09th Jun2014

‘CSI: Complete Season 13’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


CSI: Miami and CSI: New York are no more, soon we’ll have CSI:Cyber but who would have thought that we would still have CSI: Las Vegas? When reviewing CSI: Complete Season 13 the most noticeable thing is it is a show that survives not only by pure popularity, but that it constantly adapts itself, never letting itself stagnate.

Though this is season thirteen (unlucky for some) I’d say that the big difference came in season twelve with Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue.  My initial surprise really was just how good Ted Danson can act now, but in a way his introduction into CSI brought him back into the shows I take time to watch.  With the character of D.B. Russell, Danson moved into CSI: Las Vegas and made the role as head of CSI his own, Laurence Fishburne did well and of course we miss William Petersen as Gil Grissom but the character of D.B. Russell brings a refreshing change to the show, and with the initial storyline continuing the abduction of his granddaughter the season starts at full pace with high emotion.

Another interesting addition is Elisabeth Shue as Julie Finlay, Shue’s performance as the strong-willed CSI introduces one of the most volatile characters of the show, even though she is new she wastes no time claiming her spot and won’t back down when it matters.  With original cast members George Eads (Nick Stokes), Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle) and Eric Szmada (Greg Sanders) being as dependable as ever to season thirteen really starts off on a strong point, which is needed with such a long running show.  We also have to mention Hodges (Wallace Langham), as eccentric as ever he does steal quite a few scenes.

The strength of CSI: Las Vegas is the characters and the feeling of family in the department in which they work, in each episode it is as if we are invited into this group and made a part of the story.  The strength of the episodes is increased by the fact that many of the stories have a personal meaning to the characters, and the fact we know them so well brings more of an interest.  The inclusion of guest stars from other CSI shows is also an important tool that CSI has used many times and this time we see this with Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) from CSI: New York.  This helps to create a connection between the shows, still running or not.

CSI: Las Vegas is a show that has to depend on storylines that interest the viewers, and this is why this season brings an element of luck.  In creating characters that the audience likes, the writers have created a dependable viewing experience that keeps the ratings high and keeps the show renewed every year.  It will come to an end sometime in the near future of course, but until then it does what it does and I for one can call myself a fan.  And it turns out season thirteen manages to be one of the stronger years for CSI.

CSI: Complete Season 13 is well worth buying for the fans, especially for the ones who buy the box sets each year.  Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue really are excellent additions to the cast and in this season they really find their footing as they are now past the introduction phase.  The characters can now be fleshed out and become a true part of the CSI department.   With season fourteen showing now and fifteen confirmed this is a show that has a continued strength but it can’t last forever.  For now though we can enjoy what we’ve got.

CSI: Complete Season 13 is available on DVD now.

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