25th May2014

‘Lost Girl: The Complete Fourth Season’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


When I start a Lost Girl review (check out my season 3 review here) I always want to compare it to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Bo is a fantasy character easily comparable to Buffy in favourable ways, but I’d argue that as a show like Lost Girl should really be looked at on its own merits and not as just another show to keep the Vampire Slayer fans happy.  Saying that, is being favourably compared to Buffy such a bad thing? In Lost Girl: The Complete Fourth Season, Bo and her friends are facing an evil that is more confusing than anything, just who is The Wanderer and is he even the season’s “Big Bad”?

Coming off the third season which saw Bo (Anna Silk) vanish, leaving behind nothing but the Wanderer card the fourth starts with a world without her, nobody seems to even know she existed.  This is soon fixed with her return as what would Lost Girl be without the girl herself? When she returns, all should be back to normal but the theme of memory manipulation is something that continues, especially with Trick (Rick Howland) whose memories are a place where his true evil hides, which is the very reason he’s used his powerful magic to keep it locked.  With the Una Mens laying down the law with both dark and light Fae, things are more dangerous than ever.  With the Wanderer finally making an appearance and Massimo the Druid (Tim Rozon) causing havoc, a bigger evil awaits a prophecy coming true.  A prophecy that threatens to bring apocalypse to the world, no surprise there then.

To a point I have to admit that Bo annoyed me a little in Lost Girl: The Complete Fourth Season.  The fact she turns on her friends for Rainer (Kyle Schmid) and is blind to the dangers of her actions just feels a little force.  I know this is done to fulfil the prophecy, and we know that prophecies must always come true, but I’d much rather her not turn her back on the people who she normally cares for.  As we assume Rainer is the Wanderer this seems all kinds of bad, especially as he appeared to be the guy hunting her down for most of season three.  In plot terms it does work out, but to get there, the divisions in the group does sometimes feel more detrimental to the show.

When it comes to the other characters I do like that they are dependably sticking to what they do best.  Vex (Paul Amos) struggling to be evil as always, and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) actually stealing most of the season there two are my favourite characters.  Trick also becomes more interesting as his history is fleshed out more and lets us see what is hiding from.  When this past is released he may just become the ultimate “Big Bad” of the show.  I also like that the show never hides away from being as sexy as ever, for both sexes.  With plenty of shots of Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) barely clothed I’m sure that balances out the eye candy quotient for the fans.

Lost Girl: The Complete Fourth Season is a somewhat strange season for me, in some ways it is a brave direction.  To set up the Wanderer then change direction completely with the story arc is somewhat confusing at first, but in the end it works.  Then of course the final episode which I won’t spoil as a huge emotional impact that means big changes to the show.  Where will it go from here? Well that’ll be interesting to see.

**** 4/5

Lost Girl: The Complete Fourth Season is available on DVD in the UK now.

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2 Responses to “‘Lost Girl: The Complete Fourth Season’ DVD Review”

  • Brett

    Thank the heavens I wasn’t the only one totally confused by this season. I recommend the show to everyone who I know that loves a bit of fantasy but don’t have anyone in my close circle to chat about the show, reading your review made me feel happy to know I wasn’t the only person wandering what was going on and why Bo was being not very nice especially to Kenzie.

  • Mazzie

    “When it comes to the other characters I do like that they are dependably sticking to what they do best. Vex (Paul Amos) … Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) … Trick … Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) ….”

    Ahem. Did you fall asleep at the wheel? Where are the mentions of Lauren, Hale, and The Morrigan in your “the other characters” of Lost Girl? The Fae world got turned on its head in Season Four and you didn’t notice by whom, how, and why? LoL!